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Judging by the title, one can assume that this area is desginated to links outside of this particular website. If this was your guess, then you are correct.

This page holds links to my first three webpages, sites that my friends have conceived and finally pages that are of similar content.

rook's creations:

A Website created by Rook aka Adam Stephenson. A site which hosts the films he and his crew entitled; 'Ghostwriter Productions' has created. The films span from when they were kids up until present day.
mischief on the mind
This would by rook's first website. It has been restructured twice and currently in the progress of resolution modifcation. Site contains hand-made images taken from the film. A great selection of photos, quotes, information and personal rants.

the Pulp Fiction Situation
The second page created by rook. This is a great website for those in need of information on the characters. This site go in detail about all characters and thier filmography. Site contains screenplay, cameos, quotes and sreenplay.

Dogs in the Warehouse
The third page created by rook. Once again this site puts great effort to illustrate the characters. Site contains screenplay, hi-res photos, kill count and biography on Quentin Tarantino

friends of rook:
Flash Club
Site created by Derek a.k.a. D=Bone. This site contains images all created by D=Bone but most importantly holds his Flash cartoons. Updated frequently with a perfect Matrix atmosphere.

similar sites:

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